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Designing Compensation Systems Advisory

The need for developing a compensation and benefits system stems from the need to attract, retain and motivate the proper work force based on competence. Therefore, we provide an integral service package utilizing a host of tools including base pay, incentives and benefits. Balancing these tools in an equitable, affordable and legal manner, we develop for our clientele of different sectors compensation and benefits plans in relation to major issues, including:

1.   Conducting Market Salary Surveys

2.   Developing Salary Structures, and Benefits Scheme

1-   Market Salary Surveys

Organizations require up-to-date salary data to attract and retain talented as well as needed employees. Therefore, salary surveys enable both employees and employers to get a benchmark on compensation for geographies, job skills, and other factors.
In this regard, our Market Salary Survey methodologies help our clients define competitive/leading compensation structures through market pricing and keep up to date with current market trends.
We cover the Egyptian market as well as other regional markets as the case may be according to our client requirements. Our surveys also cover a wide range of industries, including Banking, Finance, Oil & Gas, IT, Legal, Sales and Marketing, Real Estate, Contracting, Insurance, Tourism, Professional Practice & ServicesÖ etc..
The result of our surveys basically involves the following milestones to enable our client.



  • Retain a comprehensive overview of all Total Compensation components
  • Flexible reporting for all salary bands
  • Keep long and short term incentive planning
  • Support analysis of pay equity across the entire organization
  • Integrate fully with Performance Management
  • Provide value-added data to managers for budget-conforming pay decisions
  • Record special remuneration and allowances


With our comprehensive Salary Surveys, our clients can facilitate transparency for all employee compensation components including cash remuneration, variable pay, long-term incentives and stock options, benefits and non-monetary rewards.



2-   Developing Salary Structures And Benefits Scheme

We develop pay structures that account for both salary and incentives to help companies be more effective in encouraging and rewarding good performance.

To build these pay structures, we utilize a combination of underlying tools including pricing job structures that result from the application of formal or informal job evaluation to an organization's jobs. Using pay rates resulting from market salary surveys as well as the clientís vision regarding their salary structure, we provide an effective salary structure.

By introducing a formal salary structure and pay guidelines, your company can be fair to employees and financially smart about compensation decisions to:



  • Determine appropriate competitive pay targets for your jobs
  • Create simple salary structures for managing pay
  • Get buy-in throughout the design process
  • Understand linking merit increases to salary structures


Then, the client is left with the decision of rewarding their HR based on the following criteria to



  • Lag the market
  • Be competitive with the market
  • Lead the market



Therefore, our role emerges as a financial and HR advisors to place all such questions along with their answers within the right frame upon setting E.S.O.Ps. O.M.C is your advisory arm in building successful plans.

By making informed decisions that are in line with your financial and strategic objectives, our ultimate goal is to help you provide your employees with healthy, flexible approaches to managing their health and well-being.


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