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Organization Advisory

We help businesses either under construction or already operating to set their organizational structures, as we render the following:


1-   Developing the Organizational Structure

Organizational structures constitute the relationship holding amongst the business units including divisions, sectors, departments, sections Ö etc. These are built based on the vision to render the following for the business:

      a. Matching with the company's Strategy.

      b. Facilitating communication channels.

      c. Reducing cost of redundant tasks.

      d. Segregation of duties activities to reflect specialization and activity natures.

On drawing organizational structures, we bear in mind to identify the functions of our clientís business activity.


2-   Restructuring

We render organizational Restructuring services for companies when they evolve through expansion or introducing new business activities. Then need arises to restructure the company's organizational structure to reflect such changes.


3-   Reorganization

We provide Reorganization services when companies wish to maintain their organizational structure untouched but seek to improve communicational channels among its units and improve the effectiveness and efficiency or to enhance the companyís ability to adapt to changing environments or become more flexible.


4-   Updating the Organizational Structure

We work with our clientele to periodically review and update their Organizational structures to align with the business activities and processes, via introducing new components and/or reorganizing the structural units so that they correspond to any developments or changes.


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