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Succession planning

(OMC) conducts succession planning or job placement for companies through determining   the critical roles in the company and identify and evaluate potential successors and provide them with the skills and experience appropriate to take advantage of the present and future opportunities.

Why succession planning

Are you ready to continue working without interruption after the loss of a strong & effective leader in your organization?

Do you really want to keep the talented persons who if guided well by studied & effective scientific methods & systems are going to return on your organization by a lot of benefits?

The leadership is still relatively scarce commodity within companies. First, you need to analyze what made the work successful? Is that success depends on the skills or knowledge of the leader, who may leave? Then, you need to look at the future of the company. Where you going and what are are the skills that you require to get there is this talent currently in the leadership of your team?

And other important issues that should be considered - Competition in the market current and future requires technological know-how, talent from the existing staff, and the hierarchy of management and reporting structure validity.

The answers to these questions can provide the basis for decisions on whether the business can continue without the leader, and how it will go on without such a leader, and who will lead and their willingness to lead. We in (O.M.C) are ready to design and implement these systems in your company and answer these questions for you through the scientific and practical expertise of our consultants in order to ensure the continuation of the best influential & effective human elements who influence the success of any company by supplying them with the tools necessary to give effect to many of these successes that positively affect the profits & success of all companies.


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