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Organizational Development and Restructuring
Job Analysis, Description, Development
Recruitment Process Planning
Training Needs Assessment & HR Plan Development
Performance Management & Appraisal systems
Development of Salary Schemes
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Succession planning

Training Needs Assessment & HR Plan Development

In (OMC) we are focusing to activate the role of human resource department in the company through developing the capabilities of company employees to enable them to be ready to meet the continues changes in every filed and rapid progress in modern methods of work in light of the challenges of globalization and global competition.

We conduct (training needs assessment) for the companies on the basis of the latest modern scientific methods coupled with the experience of our advisors in order to get the best (training & development plan) and activate it also with financial support from the Industrial Modernization Center. To deliver the company employees to achieve the company overall objectives in the most appropriate & fitting manner.

O.M.C aims in the area of development and training are:

Develop effective training programs based on careful study of the training needs of human resources and link it to the strategic objectives and future plans of the company as well as update management concepts and ideas that faces the employees regarding the latest & new management methods, which will lead to a positive impact in the development of the management skills in both Technical and administrative capabilities , as well as the development of production, which is the second target after the development of human resources and production processes based on Training and development.


Training and Development:

Training is a dynamic tool to achieve the required level of skills and knowledge for employees to accomplish their tasks efficiently and is sustainable for all company's to leverage their technical & administrative levels to be able to face the high speed development all over the world in order to compete and achieve continues development  & profit levels

With a strategic focus for capacity-building and efforts to enhance the competitiveness of its personnel, O.M.C uses its experienced advisors coupled with most updated scientific methods to develop a comprehensive plan of integrated training to development to raise the level of performance at work through offering many training programs and workshops which is supported by the industrial modernization center these programs based on analysis and assessment of the training needs to all the company levels, top management - employees & workers.


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