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Organizational Development and Restructuring
Job Analysis, Description, Development
Recruitment Process Planning
Training Needs Assessment & HR Plan Development
Performance Management & Appraisal systems
Development of Salary Schemes
Competitive Remuneration System
Succession planning


Establishing & Restructuring HR Departments Through

  • Making organization structure analysis & provide the best recommendations regarding those structures to better fit & benefit the hall organization.

  • Restructuring the companies under construction according to the latest global techniques.

  • Develop human resources strategies.       

  • HR planning for short & long terms to supply your company with the most talented & experienced human factors in timely manner & according to the pre planned budgets schemes.

  • Create & execute recruitment & selection schemes through advertising your vacancy's & making selection interviews & finale filtration & recommend the best calipers to meet the general manager or the C.E.O for finale hiring decision issuing.

  • Create HR development path & develop training needs assessments techniques.

  • Develop & execute annual training plan through coordinating with the most successful training providers for every training type.

  • Develop & execute training evaluation systems to measure the training benefits to the company & the individuals as well as reviewing training budgets & its compatibility with the company general budget & schedule the payments from the company according to training benefits priorities.

  • Measuring the matching of the work force on production schemes & production tools although the matching of jobs budgets to the general company budget.

  • Create full job analysis for all company jobs.

  • Create job evaluation system & salary schemes according to our previous & currently salary surveys.

  • Create job descriptions for all company jobs & levels.

  • Develop motivation & retention systems in order to retain the excellent human potentials especially those in critical position.

  • Create & develop succession planning schemes to prepare the second line to take place of the first line in emergency cases & to insure continuity to the best elements that could serve the company.         

  • Create effective performance appraisal systems & apply it to all company employees departments & present the finale results to company management.

  • Reviewing the social insurance working system comparing to system best case standard for the company.

  • Develop administration & personnel gab analysis and report it in order to demonstrate strength & weaknesses points parallel to making the best recommendations to meet those gabs to avoid the weaknesses & develop the strength points.

  • Develop HR policy & procedures manual.

  • Develop HR data base & data bank.

  • Establish electronic employees' personal files.

  • Develop employees' recognition system.

  • Define company mission & vision in addition to main company values.

  • Establish employee hand book.

  • Develop full attendance systems & time management systems.

  • Provide support & consultation for top management about labor cases & problems.

  • Provide support & consultation for top management about health & safety management.

  • Provide support & consultation for top management about company premises security & emergencies schemes.

  • Provide support & consultation for top management about company & machines general security

  • Provide support & consultation for top management about company provided transportations & its visibility study to the company.





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