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Organizational Development and Restructuring
Job Analysis, Description, Development
Recruitment Process Planning
Training Needs Assessment & HR Plan Development
Performance Management & Appraisal systems
Development of Salary Schemes
Competitive Remuneration System
Succession planning


Recruitment Process Planning

Personnel Planning and Recruiting


Organization & management consultants (O.M.C) offer & conduct all operations of effective planning to the process of, polarization, recruitment & selection for companies and organizations:

Planning is the base of management, and on it stands the pillars of the hall organization. Organizing, directing and controlling, which works to support the management and give them meaning and significance, human resources planning is to determine the needs of the Organization from the workforce over a certain period of time, the period which is covered by the planning to determine the essential number and types of labor required and also the methods of recruitment & selection and how it is conducted in details, which to recruit and select the best candidates & calipers for the organization to perform their jobs at the best efficient & expected level, to meet and achieve the expected strategic goals of the corporate through a well thought out and correct, orderly and effective HR personnel planning & recruiting.

The importance of Personnel planning and recruiting for companies shows in:

  • Personnel planning and recruiting helps to prevent any sudden disruptions in production lines and various implementation of an organization.

  • Personnel planning and recruiting helps in the disposal of surplus, and filling the unnecessary employment gaps

  • Personnel planning and recruiting helps in determining career planning for employees, where it includes identifying activities like, training, transferring, promotion, and based on that the continuity of an organization through maintaining the most important and best calipers for the company.

  • Personnel planning and recruiting helps to determine the ratio of employees job satisfaction & turn over reasons to give time to deal with those reasons and minimize it to the levels that won't be a threat to the company continuity & production levels.


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